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Floyd Rose DSOT Electric Guitar with EMG Active Pickups
Floyd Rose DST-2 w/OBL L-900
Bill Lawrence OBL L-900 Pickup
Agile Dauntless SDB RootBeer!
Epiphone SG Bully with DragonFire Active Pickups!
Yamaha RGZ-312
Redmond Series K

Floyd Rose Redmond Series Model K PROJECT X
Body Wood: African Limba (better known as Korina)

Contact me with comments, questions, helpful info or offer to buy/sell guitars, parts, equipment, etc.

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Guitar Links:

I've got links to many, many forums here, as well as places to get information on wiring pickups, etc. in your guitar, and of course for buying electric guitars, pickups, and other related stuff.

I hope you find something helpful, new and exciting here. Please contact me if there is a site you think I should add or remove.

This is just a list of sites I have bookmarked, sometimes just for researching, shopping or general interst. Others are actual vendors I have dones business with, and sites that I frequent regularly.

Effects DigiTech Grunge Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal Musical Instruments Used and New BOSS PSA-120 AC Adapter
BOSS U.S. - PSA-120S Power Adapter
BYOC - The World's Finest DIY Guitar Effects Kits


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Guitar Reviews

Guitar Gear Reviews, Music Equipment, Instruments, Drums, Bass, Microphones, Video Lessons GEAR-VAULT
Harmony Central® - User Reviews
The Guitar Review Dot Com The Epiphone SG Special Review

Guitars and Equipment, distributors and manufacturers

Budget Guitars-China **Please shop carefully, I have never ordered from or done business with these chinese guitar sites. But I thought they were interesting.

1 Buying Chinese Guitars for Cheap - A Follow-Up « The Dealsician
126-Music Company
Changle Yiqun Musical Instrument Co.,Ltd--Guitar-Bass-Electric guitar-Electric bass-Multi-head-Guitar & bass
China Wholesale Marketplace from China Suppliers –MyeGlobal
ebaysoho online Shop Worldwide supplier for online seller
iOffer A place to buy, sell & trade
KK Musical instrument Factory -QingDao China-Tel+86 13269920324
Leading Online MarketplaceSourcing Suppliers,Manufacturers,Wholesale product from China.
Manufacturers Global Sources
Musical instruments -- ?Guitar,Jewelry,Necklace,Pearl-import-export-Samin? Welcome
Sunsmile Guitar
Weifang Yangsen Boyun Musical Instruments Co.,Ltd
Wholesale ace frehley guitar
Zibo J&W Musical Instruments Co.,Ltd. - Thank You For Visiting Our Guitar Online Shop!

Budget Guitars-USA (Vendors in the USA)

electric violin maker, student violin, Electric Guitars, aileen violin in stringed instruments
Rondo Music Home Page


floyd rose guitars on

Pickups, Hardwaire, Wiring, Parts (Sites I have bought from so far: Guitarfetish, Guitarpartsonline, Guitarheads, MojoMuisc Supply)

Fat Tone Guitar Pickups - Fat Buckers
Guitar Nucleus - Pickguards
Guitar Nucleus Parts Store - Home Home Page
Mojo Musical Supply » Vintage Musical Supply Parts for Amplifiers & Guitars
Stewart-MacDonald Everything for building and repairing stringed instruments!
Welcome to GuitarHeads.Net

Darren Riley's Guitar & Amp Repair Raleigh NC
Electric Guitar Buying Guide
Guitar Parts Online
Mill's Music Home Page

Scorpions - The Official Forum • Index page 

Project Guitar Related Sites

Cheap pickguard material - TalkBass Forums
DIY Fever - Cool guitar related projects
Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar Setup Expert Village Videos
Guitar Finishing Using Wiping Varnish
Guitar ReRanch ~ Basic Refinishing
Guitar Tip #37 - Cleaning Crud Off The Neck
Guitar Wiring Site Electric Guitar & Bass Volume & Tone Pots - The Internet Home for Wayward Pickers
How to make a custom metal guitar pickguard!
MinWax Water Based Wipe On PolyU - Telecaster Guitar Forum
Project Guitar Finishing and Refinishing Tips
Steve Robinson - high quality electric guitar and bass repair and servicing in Northwest England UK - Manchester Guitar Tech
The Guitar Refinishing and Restoration Forum Index
who used dupli-color on their guitar lets see them - Page 2 - Harmony Central Musician Community Forums

Technical data Pickup Color Codes
Potentiometers (Beginners' Guide to Pots)

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!