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Bill Lawrence OBL L-900 XL Humbucking Pickup, made in West Germany

Floyd Rose DSOT Electric Guitar with EMG Active Pickups
Floyd Rose DST-2 w/OBL L-900
Bill Lawrence OBL L-900 Pickup
Agile Dauntless SDB RootBeer!
Epiphone SG Bully with DragonFire Active Pickups!
Yamaha RGZ-312
Redmond Series K


I bought a used Bill Lawrence OBL L-900 XL Humbucking Pickup off eBay!

Resistance measures 18.60!
3-20-2009: I have not had a chance to install this into my FLoyd Rose DST-2 yet. BUt when I do, I will update this site. Of course I am excited, this is supposed to be very much like the L-500XL, but a bit smoother sounding, and less harsh.
This is presumably the best pickup I will have ever owned. And very possibly one of the rarest metal humbuckers in North America. It's made in West Germany, so it HAS to be good, right? We'll soon find out. In the meantime, here are some pics.
See bigger pics here:

You can purchase Bill Lawrence Wilde pickups here: