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Yamaha RGZ-312 electric guitar

Floyd Rose DSOT Electric Guitar with EMG Active Pickups
Floyd Rose DST-2 w/OBL L-900
Bill Lawrence OBL L-900 Pickup
Agile Dauntless SDB RootBeer!
Epiphone SG Bully with DragonFire Active Pickups!
Yamaha RGZ-312
Redmond Series K

Here is the guitar after I stripped all the ornaments that were glued to it.

Here it is; painted with hammered paint,with pickguard and PJ Marxx QuadRails (Metal) Pickup

Picked up this Yamaha RGZ312 off of craigslist. It was advertised as "well decorated", and from the pic I could see that it was covered in what appeared to be stickers. Oh well, I thought, I can just take them off quite easily and have a great, cheap shredding axe with a Floyd Rose Tremelo (I love Floyd Rose, and the only other guitar I owned at the time was a Washburn Maverick Quilt Top, nice finish on the guitar, but no floyd and pretty basic).
Well when I got there to see the Yamaha RGX-312 guitar, I saw that it was covered in satanic icons, like cheap jewerly glued all over the body! Ugg this sucked, but I had driven about 25 miles to go get this thing. Yeah it had like a couple pentagrams, a maltese cross, dragons and so forth all glued to the body with tons of glue...I tried out the guitar, and it sounded wicked killer, and had excellent low action. Yeah it had some QuadRails pickup in it. A P.J. Marz Quad Rails. I googled that later and found out it's the same pickup DIo's guitar player VIvan Campbell used back in the 80's. It also had 2 single coils that were the old stock pickups, and were not a good fit with the quadrails.
So I decided I would rip out the single coils, put in a pickguard and a single volume, and call it good. Plus the volume and tone pots broke the first day I got it home.
By the way, this thing was so ugly I kept it hidden from my wife for weeks! lol
So I will now post the pics as I progress through the project. I am almost finished as of this writing, I just need to get a new soldering iron becuase the one I have now sucks.
Thanks for coming by, if you have any quesions or comments about the Yamaha RGZ312 Electric Guitar, please feel free to post or email me. Rock on!

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